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DECORATIVE ARTISTS OF JACKSONVILLE (DAJ) is a group of painters of decorative art at all levels of expertise, gathered together to further knowledge, increase skills, share talents with other painters, and promote decorative painting.  Our organization is informal and friendly.  Anyone interested in decorative painting and learning decorative painting is welcome.  We offer classes and projects in a variety of media and skill levels.  The only prerequisite for membership is current membership in the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP).

Our aim and goal is to continue to grow as decorative painters and to always remember that art is not only a challenge to the artist, but a gift to share with generations that will succeed us.

DAJ is an Affiliated Chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters.  The Chapter has its origin in the summer of 1977 when five local decorative painters met to discuss their mutual interest in painting.  In 1978 the Chapter received Affiliated Chapter designation from SDP's Annual Convention in St. Louis.


Currently our meetings are held at Cecil Pines Retirement Center in the Cecil Commerce Center at 6008 Lake Cove Avenue, Jacksonville, FL.  Meetings start at 9:00 am followed by a workshop lasting between four to six hours.  Workshops cost $15, plus a surface fee at times.  Meetings will not be held on seminar days.


  • Meetings are for discussion, planning and voting and often include a basket of painting goodies to raffle.
  • The Beachcomber is our monthly member newsletter which includes information about upcoming events.
  • Classes (Workshops & Seminars) are offered at a variety of skill levels, techniques and mediums.
  • Workshops are taught by talented chapter members.
  • Seminars are taught by nationally known teachers.
  • Periodically, we offer a beginner's class that is open to the public.
  • We have a library of teaching materials available to members.
  • There is an annual fall Paint-In that serves as a retreat for learning, relaxation & camaraderie.
  • We engage in a community service project each year.


Membership dues for DAJ are $15 annually, payable in October for the following year.  A late fee of $5 will be assessed after the January meeting.  Evidence of membership in the Society of Decorative Painters is required.  (information below)



Society of Decorative Painters

The Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) was organized in 1972 to "stimulate worldwide interest in and appreciation for decorative painting; to recognize diversity of and excellence in the art form; and to serve as the resource center for all aspects of decorative painting."  Anyone can belong to the SDP regardless of skill level.  The Society offers certification and ongoing learning opportunities.  With your membership, you will receive a quarterly publication, "The Decorative Painter."  For 2013, membership is $50 annually.  Please find more information on their website: www.decorativepainters.org.

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January 10

Cindy Williams


February 14 

Nancy Walsh


March 14

Marge Talbert


April 11 & 12

Brenda Stewart


May 2

Georgann Self


June 13

Patti Howell


July 11 & 12

Earline Padgett


August 8

Sandy Adams


September 11, 12, &13

Retreat at Lake Yale

October 10

Meet and Greet

November 14

Georgann Self


December 12

Holiday Party

Community Service Projects 2015

Welcome Signs for Habitat For Humanity&Wounded Warriors

Alzheimer Fundraiser

Haven Hospice Tree

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